CNN Fake News in Benefit of the US Agenda

CNN has become an instrument of global propaganda
Thierry Meyssan

If you wonder what CNN stand for, it is “Certainly Not News.” First of all, it is not that trump is a great hero of morality, but he is 100% correct when he says CNN is fake news [RT]. Way before trump lambasted against CNN, many people had accused the network of doing a horrible job when giving news, like Jon Stewart Comparing the network to the murderous Chucky doll [TYT]. CNN has been producing the false flag operations in favor of the United States elites for years. By now, it should be clear CNN is a key hit agent against left leaning governments in Latin America [A Un Click].

Let’t build this case. To understand the real role of CNN, we must know about Operation Mockingbird, which was a large-scale program of the CIA to manipulate news. In 1977 Carl Bernstein declared that over 400 journalists work for the CIA, including personnel at CNN [ElusiveTruth]. Just as an example, it’s know the US placed psychological warfare experts at CNN and NPR during the Kosovo War [WSWS]. Amber Lyon, a former journalist at CNN stated her employer fabricates news in favor of the US agenda.

With that in mind, let’s see President Maduro ordered CNN en Español off the air. This happened days after CNN staged an attack against Venezuela stating that government sells Venezuelan passports to terrorists in the Middle East, with Misael Lopez, as the only source of the accusation. The report makes very important omissions about Lopez, like his links with the far right in Venezuela through a romantic relation to the lawyer to the right wing convicted criminal Leopoldo Lopez. In addition, Lopez had been accuses of sexual harassment in Iraq. The victim of this the sexual harassment is precisely the person who Lopez accuses of selling the visas. There are many more important details.

The so called journalist of CNN en español have become prominent attacker agains the left leaning Latin American governments. For example, Fernando del Rincon is a star agent to make criminal groups look like innocent protesters. Del Rincon is just one of many reporters that constantly conspire against governments that don’t go along with the US agenda. At one point, Among many of the attacks against Venezuela, on the verge of a political confrontation, CNN portrayed a picture from El Nacional of Venezuela as evidence there is massive stock shortage in Venezuela. The picture showed a supper market with the isles empty, but the picture had not been taking in Venezuela but in New York.

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The last about CNN banned in Venezuela, is rather a stand for sovereign dignity since the government itself has said whoever who wants to watch CNN can do it on internet. This also reveals the hypocrisy of the corporate media that supposedly is showing solidarity with CNN while nothing was said the the right wing government in Argentina took of the air TeleSur, and many journalist that don’t support the government are fired from their job. Just to name a few, there we have Victor Hugo Morales, Roberto Navarro, 678, among many others.

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