False Flag Operation

The recourse of faking an enemy’s attack to justify the intervention of our Army is legendary when it comes to the United States – This is what we usually called a “False Flag operation.”

President Frank Roosevelt “incited” the attacks on Pearl Harbor with his economic embargoes. Robert McNamara admitted the gulf of Tonkin incident was a mistake [The New Press 2003]. The attacks of September 11, 2001, is the late example of getting a goal under any means necessary. So far, it’s known the U.S. government had plenty of evidence of the terrorist attacks to come, but the Bush administration chose not to prevent them. The warnings came from intelligence of countries including France, Germany, England, Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco and Russia [Fox News May 17th 2002]. As we know, Colin Powell made the infamous presentation at the United Nations Security Council on February 5, of 2003 and even today not a single point they claimed came to be true. Lieutenant Lawrence Wilkerson prepared the speech for Colin Powell and he has admitted numerous times that they did not have evidence of any of the claims made on the presentation [Democracy Now Aug 30th 2011]. And of course, the new thing is the sarin gas attack in Syria blamed on that government, and once again, there is no evidence the Syrian govement did it [video].

And of course, we know the U.S has no monopoly on False Flag operations. In Germany in February 27, 1933, the Nazis burned their own parliament building at Reichtag and blamed it on Soviet terrorists. They incriminated a man called Marinis Banderlubbe but later on, Herman Goring admitted he was who put the Reichtag on fire [Nuremberg Diary 1947]. This event would allow Hitler to pass the enabling act in March 23, 1933. However, even with the enabling act being renewed a couple of times it was not enough for the Nazis to start a war. Therefore, in August 31, 1939 Operation Himmler took place. The nazis took a prisoner and dressed him in a Polish military uniform to use this event as an excuse to start the conquest of Europe, which would lead to the WWII.

Let’s get back to the U.S. using this controversial practice. In this regard, Latin America is an immediate target. Operation Northwoods was a U.S. false flag developed in 1962 to perpetrate terrorist attacks against its own citizens to blame the tragic events on Cuba. This would have given the United States the excuse to invade Cuba and take Fidel Castro down. More recently, back on 2002 in Venezuela was already implement kind of false flag at the Llaguno massacre, that put president Chavez out of office for 3 days. Nowadays, the media keeps insisting in liking the Venezuelan government with extremist groups from the Middle East. Despite the late electoral victory of the Venezuelan right wing, we cannot discount this recourse as an option for the U.S. just as it did in Libya and Syria‘s sarin gas on 2013.

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