Mercenaries On High Demand

For many years the United States has made use of military mercenaries such the contras in Nicaragua and the mujahideen in Afganistan (Operation Cyclone) – a group that became al-qaeda. By now it’s not a surplice that Osama bin Laden was in the CIA payroll. The use of this processional killing groups is no part of the past, we can see the emergence on these extremist fanatics in the the of what we call ISIS. ISIS members were initially trained by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at facilities in Jordan in 2012. Governments such as Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Israel the United Arab Emirates have been fully in bed in creating extremist groups that became ISIS [CommonDreams 2014/09/22]. This kind of assistance has been confirmed even the commanders of ISIS, just to name one we have the case of Yousaf al Salafi [TeleSur 20150128]. In fact, many allege NATO itself helps ISIS to trade illegally the oil they sell [TeleSur 20150815].The whole purpose of using these groups is to advance the U.S. geopolitical agenda. It was discovered that the MI6 and the CIA transferred weapons from Libya to the Syria to arm al-nusra (previously al-qaeda and now affiliated with ISIS) in 2012 after the fall of the Gaddafi regime. The funding and arming was provided by the U.S. and our allies in the “rat line” operation to overthrow Al-Assad [Guardian 3 June 2015].Lately, these extremist groups have not been used only in the Middle East. ISIS affiliated militants collaborated with neo nazis in Kiev during the 2014 coup in Ukraine[AntiWar 2015/03/05]. Not surprisingly, we found U.S. congress men John McCain and Lindsey Graham meeting with the opposition members at the hottest point of the violent acts to overthrow the government friendly to Russia. Now, You just take a look to John McCain having meetings in Syria with extremists that included Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi. In fact, this emblematic commander, was trained by the Israeli Mossad [RT 17 jul 2014].

We must make something very clear, people getting frighten by the acts such as decapitations is totally manipulated since in countries like Saudi Arabia and Colombia, such acts are part of their regular news – in the case of Saudi Arabia, it’s the state itself that perpetrates such awful practice.

Now, let’s take a look to the death squads that have been planted in Latin America. The U.S. training extremists goes back to the Brigade 2506 that was a CIA-sponsored group of Cuban exiles formed in 1960 to overthrow of the Cuban government. Some of the most famous Cuban extremists trained in the U.S. are Orlando Bosh and Luis Pozada Carriles.

Nowadays we Have plenty of these groups in Mexico, Honduras, and especially in Colombia. Since at least 2002, these extremists have been trying to expand into Venezuela and probably Ecuador and Bolivia too. The Colombian elites created these paramilitary forces (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia) to kill insurgents from the guerrilla but also to eliminate any movement that put in danger their economic or political interests.

After the assassination of Gaitan in the 1950’s, many groups joined the guerrilla to combat the corrupt government. The Colombian government and the guerrilla came finally came to a peace agreement in 1984 and the Union Patriotica political party was created to allow former guerrilla members to participated in politics. However, the paramilitaries killed thousands leftists to eliminate the UP – this acted amounted to a genocide since over 4 thousand of UP member and 1,5 thousand of A Luchar members were murdered just for their political affiliation. / [A Un Click]

The Autodefensa Unidas de Colombia supposedly deposed their weapons on 2006 but by now it is clear they are still around in groups like urabeños and the Aguilas Negras, One particular player in this issue is former Colombia president Alvaro Uribe, with deep links to drug trafficking and extremist groups. In fact, Uribe was responsible for the creation of Grupos Porvenir, paramilitary death squads responsible for thousands of murders. / [A Un Click]

Colombian death squad have made themselves a name for the mass graves all across the country, ins massacres such Macarena or Soacha. Recently, it was discovered the world’s largest urban mass grave in Medellin [Reuters 2015/07/17]. This is not by chance, those death squads are methodically trained in the most loathsome technique of killing in the school called “Escuela de descuartizadores del narco-paramilitarismo” [Narcotraficante 82].

In the case of Venezuela, these death squad have been detected and stopped many times. The most famous case is probably the Daftari case where hundreds of trained killers were spotted in a farm with plans to kill president Hugo Chavez. One particular Venezuelan political party has been deeply involved with the Colombian death squads, Voluntad popular. Many main political figures of this party have been detained due to their links with organized crime such us Carlos Trejo, Perez Venta. Other prominent extremist players are Salas Romer of Proyecto Venezuela, Lorent-Saleh of the extremist group Javu who has links with Diego Cubillos, leader of the Colombian neo-nazi group “tercera fuerza” (third force)

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