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Mercenaries On High Demand

For many years the United States has made use of military mercenaries such the contras in Nicaragua and the mujahideen in Afganistan (Operation Cyclone) – a group that became al-qaeda. … Continue Reading →

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Cultural Genocide: A Key Task After a Coup

After over 500 years after the European invasion of America, the genocide  has no stopped – not only the genocide of the natives, but also the genocide of our culture. … Continue Reading →

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Using Celebrities as Agents of Change

As we all know it was John Wilkes Booth, an accomplished stage actor, who assassinated Abraham Lincoln in 1865 proving the lie that politics and art don’t mix. Nowadays, art … Continue Reading →

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Backfire Effect: Biting The Hand that Feeds You

By owning most of the media they [the wealthy elite] have expertly convinced many Americans of few means to buy their version of the American Dream and to vote for … Continue Reading →

dim Bree Newsome Climbed Flagpole & Took Down SC Confederate Flag


If we have to find the difference between the confederate flag and the swastika we would have to say Under the swastika millions of white innocents were murdered to impose … Continue Reading →

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The United States Drug Trade Dark Alliance: Generating Regime Change

The inspector general, Frederick Hitz, did a fairly thorough job, produced a report that amounted to an institutional confession by the Central Intelligence Agency that indeed they were aware of … Continue Reading →

USA on Venezuela attack

The Nixon Doctrine: Make them Scream

As it was declassified, Nixon and Kissinger backed the 1973 Chile Coup, but that’s a legacy that has come back these days to apply it once again – specially against … Continue Reading →

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The TPP: Corporate Fascism is Coming

TOTAL SUBMISSION TO THE RULE OF CAPITAL Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.Mark Twain The more things change … Continue Reading →

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Bolivia: The Water Wars

1999 – Bolivia: “THE WATER WARS”. The IMF ordered to sell the water provider in Cochabamba to Bechtel.  As part of a new Structural Adjustment Loan, the International Monetary Fund … Continue Reading →

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The Lethal Power of Big Oil

ExxonMobil on March 5th 2015 begun operations in the region of Guyana where there is a border dispute with Venezuela since 1899. This is a $200 M project for ten … Continue Reading →