The Big Lie of the US Election Process

Some time ago the United States directed strong criticism against Ecuador for not allowing US to monitor their elections. Ecuador responded by saying, they will be delighted to accept monitoring of their elections as long as Ecuador also is allowed to monitor election in the US – for some reason the US stoped extending any further request. But before looking any further into others elections, we should put our own house in order first.

First, we can be sure the whole election process, since the very begging of the nation, has been set to benefit specific groups of power. The 2016 elections in the US puts in evidence just another of the multiple shortcomings of our country. We, the US, the prime promoter of democracy and freedom on the planet, allows an unfitted donald trump to take the presidency despite losing the popular vote for more than two million votes – if at least that were the only problem. Not even Hillary Clinton came to be first to the will of the registered electorate since, the first place was for voters abstaining from voting. About 47% didn’t find worth it to vote.

trump is the unexpected president, however the alternative, Hillary Clinton, didn’t come clean from her own party nomination. The whole election process was fixed since the very primaries, with the Democratic Party on command of both major parties outcome. The Clinton team made sure to take down Larry Lessig first, and later conspired against Bernie Sanders. And if that was not enough, the Clinton team, through its media connections, made sure the controversial trump to gain prime coverage to make sure he would have the best chance to be the republican nominee. The intend with trump being the nominee was that the Clinton team expected trump to be only runner, weak enough, to be defeated by Hillary Clinton since polls clearly stated the other runners would defeat Clinton.

As it is know by now, just like in other elections, the main target of the media conspiracy were the so called third party candidates. There was almost a total media black out on Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. In addition to the media conspiracy, we must add FaceBook and google, fully in bed to help Clinton and trump to capture the vote of the viewers. Naturally, there were 4 debates, but the parties of Stein and Johnson were never invited. In fact, back on 2012, Jill Stein was arrested not to let her get close to the debates and on 2016, she was stopped from entering the debates for interviews.

All the previous information is just minor compared to other blatant violation to fair elections standards. There is evidence ballots are no counted – exit polls more than often don’t match final tallies. For Example on 2004 John Kerry came as winner on 10 out of 12 states, but on the final tallies ended up winning only five. While trump was complaining about rigged elections, the real problem in the US is vote suppression. In fact this 2016 election was the first one without important articles of the voter protection act. However, that’s just a sample of many other anomalies we have in our elections.

Now let’s jump into this regular practice of criticizing other countries electoral system. First of all, our main allies are far from being democratic, for example, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrein, etc. A particular country is China, despite all of our criticism, China is our main trade partner, and we understand China is not so democratic. Well, those are the countries we like, how about the countries we don’t like.

We like to criticize Venezuela for not having fair elections and for supposedly putting in prison political opponents. First all all, many studies have stated Venezuela has the most transparent electoral system on the entire planet. In addition, regarding the jailing of “political opponents” lets consider that here in the US we put Rev Edward Pinkney in prison for asking for a recall election on the major of his city, yet we criticize Venezuela for putting in jail a criminal like Leopoldo Lopez. Loper in Venezuela went through a legal process and was condemned for the violent events that led to the dead of 43 people on 2013.

Contrary of the implanted believe that Cuba does have a electoral system, actually Cuba has local elections every 5 years and the candidate running for public office are non affiliated to a political party. These elections by law must be over-looked only by children while the adults vote. This election process is compared to the popular assemblies during the first years of the French revolution. For example, on 1976 Cuba passed its constitution with a 97% approval of the electorate. This constitution is fully compliant with the human rights declaration. In Cuba, on contrary to the US, the cabinet is not chosen by president, but Cubans must vote for those posts. In Cuba once anybody become 16 years old, is automatically registered to vote.

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