The TPP: Corporate Fascism is Coming


Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.Mark Twain

The more things change in appearance, the more they remain in essence – it’s easy to paint changes on the surface, but underneath a system of abuse, exploration and crime remains strong. In the past we had monarchies ruling the most powerful empires. Kings and queens would resort to entities that today we call corporations to control their extended territories. Nowadays monarchies no longer rule the world but a traditional powerful elite still dominates all aspect of life of the entire humanity. The domination of the super powerful elite is disguised behind the optimistic promises of the supremacy of capital and the rule of the markets. However, it has been proven that in this system human beings are nothing but expendable subjects at the service of capital. Governments are weaken down in order to let corporations command at will.  As it is known by now, no criminal enterprise is advanced with their actual intentions exposed. Rather, we have empty promises of progress and modernization. Free trade is the magic formula promoted to save mankind from poverty and tyranny. But not surprisingly, the opposite takes place. As usually happens, these programs are advanced against the will of the working classes who become the victims of these harmful policies that endanger their livelihood and even their own survival. Free trade agreements such as NAFTA mandate free movement of capital across borders – it is the supremacy of capital over human beings.

The latest on this kind of trades is the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), an agreement that would empower corporations to sue governments in favorable arbitration tribunals to demand compensation from any kind of regulations they claim undermine their business interests, not even with regard to human rights. Not even the WTO (World Trade Organization) would have any say on cases under the protection of the TPP. The agreement has 29 chapters but actually only 5 can be related to trade which clearly reveals these negotiations have very little to do with trade, but a lot to do in undermining sovereign states and the well-being of their citizens. [Democracy Now Oct 4, 2013]

The TPP includes the U.S. and 11 other nations adjacent to the Pacific Rim, and was framed in almost total secrecy, in fact not even U.S. congress representatives were allowed to get even acquainted with this deal. By the magic of Fast Track (created by trade act of 1974) the president has full authority to negotiate trade deals to later give the final proposition to be approved by congress just by a simple minority, opposite to the legal two thirds majority for similar laws. No government officials were allowed to way into this deal, but “expert” negotiators were designated. For our astonishment two TPP negotiators had received millions of dollars in bonuses from big banks. Former Bank of America investment banker Stefan Selig received more than $9M in bonus and Michael Froman got over $4M from Citigroup [RT News Feb 18-2014]. Just imagine what the outcome of this imposition is going to be with such actors framing the entire law in depriment the governments laws.

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