Urgent Call to Vote for donald trump


I am doing this presentation
just to tell you how important
is to vote for donald trump
to be president of the United States

I mean
why keeping the greatness of the donald
only for the U.S.?
when we can put him as president
and just endanger the future
of the entire humanity
and of the entire world?

Just imagine
our first president
fluent in the american language

No mexican language allowed

I say,
let’s elect donald
president of the U.S.
so we can finally change
the name of this country to
the United 50 shades of gray

come on,
tell me if you don’t like
the idea of getting screwed by a millionaire.

donald is 100% correct
when he says the system is rigged
of course is rigged
the system is rigged
in favor of children born rich

regardless how idiots they are
the system is rigged
in a way
they will keep being rich
and successful.

elect donald trump for president
and this would be
the conservatives dream.

Just think about it,
make America great again;
no blacks, no mexicans
no muslims, no jewish
and no homosexuals.
This would be such an amazing country.

We would be once again
the white christian nation
with family values,
so we can go back to burn women at the stake
when they don’t obey their husbands.

Of course,
all of that would follow
an appropriate legal procedure
of accusing those disobedient wives
of practicing witch crafting.

I am telling you,
with donald as president
no doubt we would have
only the best for the country:
the best concentration camps
the best kidnapping forces
the best torture unites
the best death squads
and the best gas chambers.
And one very important point
never listen to what the media say
about the donald

donald is not all about hate

for example
donald loves animals
in fact he loves cats
Did you know that?

of course
he doesn’t like black cats
or mexican cats
and neither
muslim or jewish cats
and for all of those saying
donald hates aliens
totally incorrect
Dondald loves alines very very much
on your own country
not here in the US

donald loves aliens on their own country
sp much
the gets his stuff from them

his shirts are from Bangladesh
his suits are from Mexico
his neck ties are from China
his policy for women was made by the taliban
on Afganistan
let me tell you
it makes me feel good
that donald is a family man
donald is a truly family man
because he would date his own daughter.

tell me if thats not a family man

and for all of those
shy women out there
you don’t have to worry

If you don’t consent
Donald will advance on you
to let you know how much
he likes you

And for all of those haters
who say
if trump is elected
we will have
no freedom of expression

Let me clarify
that issue

Once donald is elected
finally we will have
real freedom of expression
just imagine

it would be okay
to wear suasticas
hail hitler
and nazi propaganda.

in fact
it would the the sensation
of the day
to wear
the red cap
with the make America great again

of if you want to be raealy
a cap or tshirt
with the KKK
In addition,
No matter what those haters say
donald has great talent
to use power on his favor.

At least we know Hillary’s emails scandal
And we kind of have a notion
That should lead to a judicial process.

But donald on the other hand
presumably raped at least in two different instances

and one of the victims
was a 13 year old girl.

But donald is so talented
no charge was ever filed against him.

not at that time at least

we have to vote for trump
cause he is the only one
with the nerve to
ridicule John McCain
for being a war veteran
who was captured
and tortured in Vietnam.

On the contrary
our great and heroic
donald was never captured
or tortured . . .
’cause during the
16 years that the Vietnam war took place
donald stayed safe and confortable
at home.

Yes fellow citizens.
For all of those
who want to vote for hillary
just because she’s a woman,

in that case
let me tell you
if everything comes down
to having a dickless president

donald trump is that dickless president
you looking for.
vote for trump,
musolini and hitter would be
very disappointed.

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