United States, Defender of Human Rights

For many years the United States has been selling the image of being the leader in protecting and promoting Human Rights. Nowadays, one main target of this concern is the Venezuelan government. Let’s analyze this issue of the US concerned about HHRR. Consider that we feel okay with the US army in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries where we have invaded, shooting all over the place, while we must repudiate the public force in Venezuela, controlling with no lethal force, the so called “peaceful protestors.”

First of all, the main allies of the US are precisely governments that are infamous for being massive HHRR violators. That is the case of Saudi Arabia that besides sentencing opponents to death penalty by dozens, they also finance terrorist groups around the planet. Another ally is Israel, which has implemented for years the cruelest practices against Palestinians. Nowadays, another notorious ally is Philippines, whose president is a very enthusiastic supporter of raping woman and looks himself with pride if compared with Hitler aspiring to kill people in same numbers as the nazis did.

Now, US allies in Latin America are not better. Mexico is the most dangerous country on the world, even more dangerous than Syria (in some reports Mexico es the 2nd deadliest country on the world). Mexico has had multiple massacres that usually are hidden by saying the victims were related to narco trafficking. Honduras, is another ally that also has become famous for executing people in mass numbers. Don’t forget the key ally of the US, Colombia, Colombia is the poster boy of carrying US policy in Latin America. Now, the Colombian government is responsible for HHRR violation at all levels but doest receive any major criticism on that regard.

The Venezuelan government has got into great effort to stop the violence by terrorist groups funded from the US, most of them linked to paramilitary Colombian groups. The main groups come from Primero Justicia and Voluntad Popular, two political parties that have representatives at the Venezuelan Congress. In fact, two congress men lead one of the terrorist groups, Julio Borges and Freddy Guevara for Voluntad Popular. In addition, Primero Justicia is lead by a right wing elected mayor, Henrique Carriles.

We must point out, the casualties of the violence of the 2017 events in Venezuela haven’t happen as the media is reporting. The vast majority of the dead are due to the right wing groups aggression against the pro government faction and against just regular civilians that just pass by where the events take place. In addition, we also have the ingredients of racism present in the right wing violence with actual lynchings. About ten black men have been burn alive under the suspicion of being Government supporters. Later on, the right wing attackers justify their action against these black men accusing them of being thieves. At least one of those black men, Orlando Figueroa, did die due to the extend of his injuries.

One of the leaders of the right wing is Lilian Tintori, who happily called for the rising the violence by saying “not a single dead is in vain.” Keep in mind, that due to the international support of the right wing groups, these “protestors” have burned hospital, food trucks, prenatal hospital, child care institutions, and a lot more of public infrastructure. We can go a long list of right wing figures in Venezuela calling for the violent overthrow of elected presidente Nicolas Maduro, but the US keeps supporting those terrorist groups unconditionally.

Now, let’s take a look to the US itself in terms of HHRR. Just on May of 2017, the US killed more than 1,000 Civilians in airstrikes. That is the US outside of our borders, but inside the situation is not that much better. The police is considered an enemy of minorities, especially against blacks. The police itself kills people in mass numbers, and that include black pregnant women. It doesn’t take too long to find out the US is a major violator of HHRR against its own citizens – violation of all kinds. Yet, we pretend to the a moral leader and lambast Venezuela with false accusations.

This link shows you how letal the police has become in the US.
The Rise of the Military Police

Prison System in the US



(Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights)




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