United States Looting Policy

One of the common practices of the United States, after a hostile take over of a country, is the stealing of that country’s national treasure. Just as an example, in December of 1914, after the marines invaded Haiti, the U.S. took $500,000 from the Haitian National Bank [history.state.gov]. This practice has become a top priority upon any army adventure of the U.S.

During the first year of the 2003 U.S. occupation of Iraq, up to $6.6B were lost – that’s an amount in the U.S accounts. However, Osama al-Nujaifi, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, said the actual total lost is as much as $18.7B [Al Jazeera Jun 19-2011]. Take into account that between 2003 and 2004, the U.S. sent $12B in cash to Iraq. This money was generated from oil sales, seized Iraqi assets and surplus funds from the United Nations’ oil for food program. Furthermore, once it was announced the war in Iraq was over, after 4,000 U.S. casualties, many would have expected that was the end of it but the Pentagon requested $3B for operations in Iraq. On top of that, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction revealed in January 2012 that over $2B in funds for Iraq had disappeared [RT News Feb 13-2012].

Now, let see the case of Libya. NATO, as the extended arm of the U.S. Army, back in 2011, took $6B of gold reserves. However, that’s on our accounts, specialist on the subject estimate that about $200B were actually stolen from that country that before the innovation was the most prosperous and egalitarian African nation [LibreRed ]. Also consider that one of the favorite targets of the U.S. is Iran, and among many of the sanctions against that county is the freeze of $50B of their treasury [FreeBeacon]. The media constantly depicts those fund as if they were U.S. property. It’s clear that if we get to invade Iran, those $50B would be missing in no time under our supervision.

Now, Let’s see the case of Latin America. If the U.S. government did not any mercy with the poor nation of Haiti, just imagine what we would do if we get to put our hands on the treasury of other countries with their own reversers, such as Ecuador, Brazil, or Bolivia. However, the most immediate target is Venezuela. After the NATO invasion of Libya, Venezuela decided to take precautions with their own reserves, so they took all of their gold. It’s estimated that Venezuela owns 367,6 tons of gold which represents 69,3% of their reserves [RT 31 may 2015].

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